23 July: Bloemendaal 1 – HCC 2, we won (233/ao/42.2 – 128/ao/30.5)

In HCC’s home match it was an easy win for Bloemendaal. Until now HCC 2 gained 6 points from 13 matches and looks to be ‘save’. On paper an easy win for Bloemendaal, but in cricket nothing is predictable. Always nice to host our friends from the Hague at the Donkerelaan. Especially with the Bloemendaal matchbal sponsored by Frank van der Weijden, who is more or less supporting both sides.

Bloemendaal won the toss and opened with Aldroy and Ashok. At 26 Aldroy lost his wicket and Michael entered the Arena with a smashing 18 out of his first 6 balls. Although his scoringrate lowered a little, the rate stayed on track till rain caused a delay in play of more than 1,5 hour. Round 15.00 we re-stared with a deduction of 7 overs. Not easy for Ashok and Michael to re-start their partnership as well. And indeed quite early Ashok (15) lost his wicket. Manu picked up quite well and supported Michael who stranded (97) in sight of his century. After Manu lost (35) his wicket it went pretty fast and although Aziz quickly added a nice 16 our score ended at a very nice 233 ao in 42.2

Between the innings our ‘event’ committee presented a superb ‘high tea’ which attracted many attendants. So an overcrowded terrace saw Masood picking 3 early HCC wickets. Their DL par score of 252 looked impossible to reach. And as Bloemendaal caught all opportunities ( superb catches Masood, Aziz and Paddy) and bowled very efficient, only former Dutch International Feico Kloppenburg (35) gave some resistance. Both sides included 2 youngsters and for Bloemendaal Adriaan and Willem got the honors to pick the wickets from the HCC youngsters, which they did. Around 18.30 the match was over with HCC ending at 128 ao in 30.2

For the 1st time this season a rain match. Besides the delay of 2 hours it was not that bad. The high tea attracked a big audience, inclusive some people we had not seen for a long period. The match itself was quite entertaining. Sadly Michael could not pick his well deserved century. Hopefully his holiday to Greece brings him the inspiration to do this in one of the after holiday matches. Last week back in the ranking to the shared 5th place, now solo the 4 th place, 2 points ahead of R&W.

Bloemendaal batting:
Michael 97
Manu 35
Aldroy 17
Aziz 16
Douwe 13

Bloemendaal bowling:
Paddy 23/1-7
Aldroy 12/1-3
Masood 21/3-7
Aziz 11/2-3
Adriaan 30/1-5
Willem 16/1-4
Douwe 0/0-1
Madan 2/1-0.2
Extra’s 13

Bloemendaal fielding:
Paddy 1
Manu 2
Douwe 1
Aziz 1
Masood 1


VCC wins from R&W
Sparta wins from G&W
VVV wins from Kampong
Salland – Dosti cancelled, Dosti not able to form a team

Next weekend: 

2 weeks no matches for our 1st XI