Bloemendaal I verslaat United en wint hiermee 4x op rij

Wedstrijdverslag Bloemendaal 1 vs Unitedcc , 1 June 2013

It was again really cold day to play cricket and one of the umpires were came late to the ground but  no one could stop us from our fourth win and get our important two points. Kukri, our new sponsor, had delivered the new shirts which immediately increased our professionalism!

I think it was the second time in this season that the captain Mangesh won the toss and elected to bat first. United made some changes in their team and specially in their bowling line up. We had a great start the first two overs but we lose our first wicket in the third over. Our middle order batsman’s took the responsibility and tried to make some good partnerships but didn’t succeed. we did have a few minor partnerships and that was our plus point that we made our 100 runs in just 24 overs. Sam was the top scorer ( 34) in the 100 runs above. Dave stayed for 90 minutes on the pitch but due to wrong communication he went run out for 25 runs.

Het team met de nieuwe shirts

Het team met de nieuwe shirts

It seemed that we will not get the 50th over and will be all out before the 50th over but Masood was again the hero. He was the man who stayed on the pitch for 49th over not out and made (37) very important runs. He did this because of Norbert and our little real hero Adrian. Our little hero got some bad injury and that was why we couldn’t play the important last over of the innings and could not field. A tough guy however! Our total score in 49 over was 211 and a good total against United. For further score details see the website of KNCB.

After a long cold batting session now it was time of our bowlers to show some fireworks. Masood started with first good over but this time he was not the hero. Aldroy was the man and hero of the match. He took in his first 6 overs 5 important wickets and done the real work for his team. United had in the 13 overs only 31 runs and their 6 wickets were gone. Our others bowlers took an example of Aldroy and also tried their best. Masood, Mangesh and Quirijn were the other bowlers who also took some wickets. Norbert also bowled very good. One of the United’s player was succeeded to stay on the pitch and made 58 not out but the job was done by the bowlers of Bloemendaal. Because of this partnership we were for a while a little lazy and slow and the weather also was changed but it was no more needed, because the match was over. United made just 110 runs in 35 overs. It was a big win for us. We would like to thanks our little hero Adrian for his support and see you very soon between us. Take some good rest and see you soon.

I would like to congratulate everyone, enjoy your big win and see you next time and don’t forget to visit the KNCB website for score and other details.

Kind regards,

Shahid Nanikhel

Batting Innings Bloemendaal 1

# Batsman How out Fielder Bowler Runs
1 D.L. Walhain B B Roborgh 10
2 S.D. Chew C SER Bakas U Hayat 34
3 M. Panchal c C I Bhoelan U Hayat 17
4 D.H. Fulton wk RO 25
5 M.R. Rajagopal B MS Mirza (Shazad) 19
6 Q.W.M. Gunning C SER Bakas MS Mirza (Shabaz) 21
7 M.A. Khan NO 37
8 A.B. Powell C MRR Bakas U Hayat 11
9 S. Nanikhel C B Roborgh U Hayat 6
10 N.C.W. Jansen B Z Aziz 1
11 A.M. Zoetmulder RNO 2
Total 183
Extra: B/1  LB/2  W/24  NB/1 Total 28
Total runs 211

Fall of wickets

1/16/1 2/65/3 3/67/2 4/102/5 5/144/4 6/144/6 7/163/8 8/181/9 9/202/10

Bowler analysis

# Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
1 B Roborgh 9 1 36 1
2 I Bhoelan 5 32
3 U Hayat 10 59 4
4 M Bhoelan 8 33
5 Z Aziz 9 23 1
6 MS Mirza (Shazad) 5 19 1
7 MS Mirza (Shabaz) 3 1 6 1
Extra 3 1
Total 49 2 211 9

Batting Innings United C.C. 1

# Batsman How out Fielder Bowler Runs
1 Z Aziz B A.B. Powell 0
2 NA Ali C D.H. Fulton A.B. Powell 8
3 B Roborgh C D.H. Fulton A.B. Powell 0
4 I Bhoelan C D.H. Fulton A.B. Powell 1
5 MRR Bakas wk NO 58
6 M Bhoelan c LBW A.B. Powell 2
7 A Hasan LBW M.A. Khan 1
8 SER Bakas C S. Nanikhel Q.W.M. Gunning 12
9 MS Mirza (Shabaz) B M. Panchal 0
10 U Hayat C M.R. Rajagopal M. Panchal 7
11 MS Mirza (Shazad) C sub M. Panchal 2
Total 91
Extra: B/9  W/8  NB/2 Total 19
Total runs 110

Fall of wickets

1/1/1 3/8/2 4/11/4 5/16/6 6/26/7 7/68/3 8/68/9 9/106/10 10/110/11

Bowler analysis

# Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
1 M.A. Khan 8 1 19 1
2 A.B. Powell 6 1 9 5
3 N.C.W. Jansen 4 1 16
4 Q.W.M. Gunning 8 1 25 1
5 M. Panchal 9 2 17 3
6 S.D. Chew 3 15
Extra 9 0
Total 38 6 110 10