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Bloemendaal 1

Bloemendaal 1

Voor de laatste standen en statistieken kun je hier kijken 

Match July 10th, 2016

2 points, and another exciting finish.

Winning the toss and batting first on the grass pitch at Kampong, Aldroy (12) and Douwe (21) got us off to a good start. As has become habit, after a solid start we soon slipped to 40 for 3 and Todd and Dave had to rebuild things. The scoring was slow, but the innings was nicely set up at 115 for 3 after 35 overs until Dave was out for 22. Todd carried on and batted very well for his 65. Unfortunately we were unable to put together any more partnerships and we limped to 160 all out after 48 overs.

On advice from Aldroy, nobody brought their cricket spikes as we thought the match would be on the artificial turf. This meant Anees was swapping shoes with Douwe, Paddy was wearing Adriaan’s shoes, and Masood was tip toeing in to bowl. We didn’t pick up any early wickets but a good run out from Adriaan got us under way. The Kampong chase was consistent at around 3 runs per over until the 40th over. Todd, Masood and Aziz did a good job in the middle overs and scoring was difficult. With 10 overs remaining, 48 runs were needed with 6 wickets in hand. After the magic trick we pulled off the week before, we were confident we could finish them off. The final overs were tense as the run rate stayed at a run a ball. Paddy, Aziz, Masood, and Anees shared the job and after a stunning catch from Aldroy at mid off, 10 runs were needed of Paddy’s final over. The perfect man for the job, paddy picked up a run out and bowled 4 dot balls in the final over. Kampong ended 6 runs short, and we pulled off another exciting win.

Paddy 2 for 33 off 10
Aldroy 0 for 19 off 6
Masood 2 for 28 off 9
Anees 2 for 28 off 10
Aziz 1 for 31 off 10
Todd 0 for 11 off 6

A man of the match effort from Todd with bat and ball in very hot conditions. He has earned his Monday off!

Shahid arrived late in the day, ran the shoes on and off the field, and provided ice blocks for everyone after the match! Along with Pim Huizing’s selection of bananas and chocolate during the match, and beer after the match, we are a very lucky team.

We now sit 2nd on the table with a HUGE match next week away at Rood en Wit.

Match July 3rd. 2016

2 points with plenty of drama against Groen en Wit.

Batting first after winning the toss, we got off to a slow start and were soon 30 for 3 after 15 overs. Dave and Aldroy then combined for a 70 run partnership, before Aldroy was out for a very patient 46. This signalled the arrival of Anees with the score at 100 for 4 after 35 overs. Anees then took control of the innings, and smashed the ball to all parts of the ground. Dave played the anchor role at the other end until he was out for 60 in the 48th over with the score at 180. Adriaan and Anees then finished things off in the final overs and the team ended up on 228. Anees was not out 77 off only 50 balls and once again showed his skill and power with the bat.

Aldroy 46
Dave 60
Anees 77*

We were a bit flat when we started with the ball and an early dropped catch allowed GW to build momentum. Paddy and Anees were solid with the ball early on, and we kept the score at about 4 runs per over in the first 30 overs. Wickets were not coming and with the score at 120 for 0 a wicket keeping change was made. This didn’t have any impact at first, but later on it was to prove a good move. With the score at 170 for 0, Masood made the breakthrough and in the next 4 overs he changed the match. He took the first 4 wickets of the innings (including a brilliant one handed catch by wicket keeper Todd) and brought us back into the game. Aldroy, Paddy and Anees then joined in the wicket taking action, suddenly every ball was being nicked to the keeper, and the previously cocky GW team suddenly lost their voice.

Going into the final 2 overs they needed 17 runs with 2 wickets in hand. Paddy and Anees were the bowlers chosen to do the job, and they did it brilliantly. Paddy only conceded 5 off his over, and took a wicket. With 11 needed off the last over, the terras was buzzing with a combination of New Zealand wine and cricketing tension. As the second ball of the last over sailed up into the blue sky, it was clear the man of the day Masood had the chance to finish the work he started. The ball ended up firmly against the big mans chest as the team ran to celebrate in scenes you are more likely to see on a football field!

Masood 4 for 31
Anees 2 for 40
Paddy 1 for 44
Aldroy 2 for 28
Aziz 0 for 27
Todd 0 for 25
Dave 0 for 18

The club had organised drinks and presentations for Dave’s last home match, so the terras was full of smiling faces after a brilliant game of cricket. 10 wickets for 48 runs in 13 overs. Now that’s entertainment.

Match June 26th, 2016

Ouch, no points for that effort against HBS.

It was one of those matches when a larger crowd might have booed as we walked off the field. Lucky we were playing away from home.

Losing the toss, we bowled first and knew the wicket of Tobias Vissee would go a long way to determining the outcome of the match. The wicket came later than we would have liked… Tobias hit sixes down the ground, hit hit them over fine leg, he hit them over mid wicket. If we put all 9 fielders at point, he probably would have hit it over their heads for 6 because it’s fun. Apart from Paddy, all the bowlers suffered. Eventually we caught him for 180. Yes, one player made 180 in about 37 overs!!! We could have caught him earlier, but we didn’t, and he made us pay. We were able to contain the other batsmen and a late fight back led by Masood and Paddy meant we were only chasing 280. We bowled HBS out in the 47th over. Paddy finished with 3 for 25 off his 10 overs, and once again had the batsmen guessing all day long. Masood also picked up 3 wickets.

HBS as always provided a high quality lunch and it included tuna, brie, and bacon. We didn’t know this would be the highlight of our day.

We entered the second innings hopeful of putting up a good fight. Aldroy (20) again got us off to a good start, but we couldn’t get any partnerships going early on. We were soon in trouble at 50 for 6 with all the big guns sitting in the sun on the boundary. Adriaan then made sure we got to 100 as he batted patiently for his 17 and was helped by Zaheer who made 15. Eventually we were bowled out for 100 and the team headed north on the A4 (or caught the 24 bus) with tails between legs.

They say that “failing to prepare, is preparing to fail”. We realise we must work hard if we want to keep winning matches, so bring on Tuesday training. We are not working as hard as we were earlier in the season, so we need to pick things up again.

T20 vs Dosti on Friday night at the home of cricket (Donkerelaan) and then Groen en Witt at home on Sunday. Come and support this bunch of good looking men!

Match June 19th, 2016

Tampering, and two points.

Winning the toss, we batted first and the innings was off to a flying start courtesy of Aldroy. No matter where VVV bowled, Aldroy found a gap, and the middle of the bat. After 8 overs, the score was around 30 for 2 and something strange occurred.

The umpires stopped the match and took the ball off VVV. Play was halted for around 20 minutes as the umpires and captains (along with Aziz, our ball maintenance expert) discussed the scratch marks on one side of the ball. Unless a cat got hold of the ball while it was in the trees, ball tampering had occurred. Somehow it was decided that a different ball should be used, and that the best replacement ball available was a BRAND NEW BALL. We were assured by the umpires that the KNCB would look seriously at this matter, so we shouldn’t be worried that we were disadvantaged!!!

Play resumed and Aldroy carried on to make 43. A small collapse followed, and we were 57 for 5 after 18 overs. Our 2 left handers (Hamish and Anees) then combined for a partnership of 90 runs that changed the match. Both players hit the ball hard, and if Jesus played cover drives for the Jerusalem first team, they would have looked just like the ones Hamish plays. Anees opted for the aerial option and while looking for the lost balls, it allowed Aziz the chance to take out brand new balls to the umpires each time! They saw the funny side of it, but Aziz was given out LBW without any hesitation later in the day! Madan and Hamish carried on after Anees was out, and then we slowly fell away at the end, all out for 188 in 45 overs.

Anees 52
Aldroy 43
Hamish 35
Madan 13

Leftovers from the English breakfast were a great addition to lunch.

The bowling started perfectly with Anees picking up 3 quick wickets. As usual, VVV thought none of the LBW’s were out (same stuff, different year). At 50 for 5 we had them on the ropes but our fielding let us down in a 5 over patch and we dropped 3 catches. Luckily they didn’t cost us too much and we soon had 90 for 8 including more LBW decisions and batsman staring at the umpire. The tail wagged briefly, but Paddy and Anees finished them off. The VVV number 10 received the ball of the century from Paddy. It hit the top of off stump, and will go down as one of the great hungover performances (he doesn’t learn). VVV all out for 120.

So after the ball tampering, and lots of complaining by VVV, Bloemendaal take the 2 points and stay on top of the table. A good win against a difficult opposition.

Anees 4-31
Aldroy 2-20
Hamish 1-19
Paddy 1-25
Masood 0-20

Next week a big game against HBS in Den Haag.


Match June 12th, 2016

The first team arrived at Sparta, and after losing the toss, we were asked to bowl first. Ramadan meant that 3 of our players were low on energy, and the bachelor party of Douwe Walhain meant that quite a few others were also low on energy…

The bowling effort was lead by Hamish who picked up the first 4 wickets of the innings. Sparta could not score off Anees and Hamish, and after 15 overs the score was 15 for 4. Paddy and Masood Khan carried on the tight bowling and Sparta kept losing wickets as the score went nowhere. Aziz and Todd finished things off, Sparta all out for 72

Hamish 4 for 11 off 10
Paddy 1 for 13 off 10
Anees 0 for 11 off 9
Masood 2 for 26 off 8

Douwe and Hamish opened the batting and tried to get the game over quickly. This tactic didn’t work very well and we soon had rescue specialists Todd and Ashok Thomas the rock at the crease. Batting patiently, these two got us through to 45 before Ashok was out. Todd carried on and just as he looked like he would finish the game off, he was spectacularly caught for 18. Madan, Anees and Masood were out for low scores and eventually Aziz finished off the game. Dave, Paddy, and Aldroy Powell were still to bat, but there were some nerves towards the end of the match! We lost 3-4 more wickets than we should.

Wides 23
Todd 18
Ashok 11

It was a good win, and was set up by some excellent bowling. A few lessons learnt by the team, and a few of the boys now realise “you can’t hoot with the Owls at night, then soar with the Eagles in the morning”.

We now join RW, HBS, and VVV at the top of the league in what looks like being a competition that won’t be decided until the last days of the summer.

Friday night T20 against VVV, then we play VVV again on Sunday after the English Breakfast. Both matches at home. See you on the terras.

Match June 4th, 2016

Win away at Punjab by 12 runs thanks to Duckworth Lewis.

Some navigational issues made for a short warmup, but once we got out on the field we won the toss and Bloemendaal chose to bat first. Douwe and Aziz were both out early, and runs were coming very slowly. After 10 overs, we were 14 for 2. Todd and Ashok did a great job rebuilding the innings and slowly things started to look better. When Ashok was out for a well made 25 in the 25th over, the score was about 90 for 3. Dave and Todd had a small partnership before Todd was out for a hard fought 50. He picked the right ground to hit his first 6 of the season and it will be a monkey off his back. Anees joined Dave and the pace of the game changed. Anees cleared the fence on numerous occasions and raced to 50. He was dismissed in the 46th over for 50 and Dave followed 2 overs later for 28. By this time the score was 190 and Bloemendaal had done a good job. Some late hitting from Shahid, Zaheer and Masood got us to 206. A great score after our early struggle.

The bowling innings started well with Anees picking up 2 wickets with short balls. One caught behind, and the other eventually caught by Masood. When the ball went in the air, Dave took off with his gloves on, called for it, and was ready to take the catch when he hit 105kgs of Pakistani muscle. Dave hit the ground hard, but was relieved to eventually stand up and see the red ball in Masood’s hands! Masood then picked up his first wicket of the season (not bowling because of shoulder injury) and things looked good. From there, Punjab built a very patient 100 run partnership for the 4th wicket. We couldn’t quite bowl with enough discipline to force a wicket, but importantly we were always slightly ahead of Duckworth Lewis. When the umpires stopped play because of thunder and lightning in the 37th over, Punjab were 118 for 3. The players walked off, and not long after we got to the changing rooms, the storm began. Heavy rain, lightning, flooded changing rooms, stories from Paddy and chocolates from Pim were the highlights of the next hour. Once the rain cleared, it was unlikely that we would start again. Punjab did their best to convert nice the umpires we could play one more over, starting at 7:25, but common sense prevailed and the ground/pitch was deemed too wet to play.

What would have been a very close match was decided by the rain, but we’ll take the 2 points. Still some work to do on the bowling/fielding, but the players are working hard for each other.

The day ended with a fantastic Indian meal at the home of Douwe and Manchu in Rotterdam. It’s always a highlight of the season, and it was great to see the team sharing a few beers, and re-telling a few old stories.
Sparta next Sunday.


Match May 28th, 2016

Everything was perfect, apart from the final result against Rood en Witt…
After winning the toss, Bloemendaal found themselves in a familiar position of being 40 for 4 after 10 overs. Dave and Anees started the rescue job with Anees going after the bowling and changing the match. Things were going well until Dave was out for 48 in the 32nd with the score around 160. Good partnerships between Anees and Masood Khan, then Madan Raj kept things going until Anees brought up a well deserved century. Anees was eventually out for 112, an innings that will be remembered for a long time at the club for the power of his hitting. As wickets fell, we were unable to bat out the 50 overs, and were bowled out for 270 in the 46th over.
The bowling innings began well with a wicket in the first over for Anees, then Paddy picked up another one soon after. But Rood en Witt were scoring quickly as the wickets fell and a partnership began to form that would eventually set up their win. Our bowlers weren’t able to find the consistent line and length required as the batsmen played shots, and the ball raced across the carpet-like outfield. Shahid picked up 2 wickets in 2 balls to put the game back in the balance. The run rate was around a run a ball for the last 20 overs, and while we picked up some wickets we couldn’t quite deliver the knockout punch. There was no lack of effort, but the ball fell into gaps and the cricket gods weren’t on our side. Rood en Witt got to the total with 7 balls to spare and 4 wickets in hand.
It will be remembered by one team as that great day they chased 270, and never forgotten by the other team that worked so hard but couldn’t quite get the win.
Beautiful weather, a packed terras, tough cricket, and plenty of beers. All that was missing was 2 points. Well played Rood en Witt, see you in 6 weeks.

Match May 21st, 2016

A good win. After winning the toss against Kampong, Masood Khan andHessel Kokke got us off to a solid start in the first ten overs. Unfortunately things got a little harder for the batsmen in the next 10 overs as we lost 6 wickets for 40 runs! Hamish McCarthy and Dave then combined for a partnership of 100 runs to get the team to a good total. Hamish and Aziz Khanfinished the inning beautifully and we got through to 203. Hamish 82 not out, Dave 58.
The bowling began with a brilliant run out from Madan Raj at point. All the bowlers bowled well, but we weren’t able to take wickets quickly, so we had to be patient and do it the hard way. Kampong slowly fell behind the run rate and eventually the pressure meant we took wickets and bowled Kampong out for 153. Todd picked up 4 wickets, Aziz hardly bowled a bad ball all day, Anees was always dangerous, Hamish was solid, and Paddy finished off the bunnies at the end. Wouter Kuerbleprovided one of the highlights of the day with a superb run out from the third man boundary. Big game next week at home against Rood en Witt


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