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Membership youth and seniors

Membership youth and seniors

We are happy with your interest for our cricket club. New members are always welcome.

We have currently 6 youth teams (U9, U11 hard ball, U11 soft ball, U13, U15 and U17) who train during the spring/summer months 2 times a week and have a game during the weekend. Our outdoor season starts mid April and lasts till mid September. In wintertime we train indoor once a week and often also play an indoor tournament with the teams.

Please contact to know more about becoming a member of our club. Becoming a member can happen all year round. 

For the seniors we have several memberships. Our team captains of the first and second team decide based on stats and some training sessions whether you can train and play the competition with them. Please contact to get more info.

If you do not fancy weekly games and just want to play once and a while we can add you to our Village team squat. This is a poule of cricketers that share a whatsapp group and once there is a request for a game they just call in people to join. They play around 20 games a year but you can choose how many you would like to play. You become a Village member. More info via

When you haven't played cricket before or it is just too long ago but still fancy some fun cricket nights then join the social cricket group. This group comes together in the spring/summer months to play games amongst themselves which always ends up with a barbecue on the terrace. Please also get more info via


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